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Language Schools

We provide services to study foreign Language , either English , Spanish, German, French, Malaya, Hindi, Chinese etc.

You can choose any Country to study English such as USA, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, India, Malaysia, Turkey etc. Chinese, German, French, Spanish in their own Country.

A Language School is a School where student can study foreign Language. Language learning in such foreign schools are easy because they teaches from beginner to the advance level.

Courses which offers are 15,20,25 and 30 lessons per week which are sufficient for the student to grab.

There are special Classes for one to one and many other available options to choose.

Almost all the schools are accredited and member of British Council, EnglishUK, Equals, English US, TEF, Language Canada, FLE, NEAS, ETS-Authorized, Cambridge English Language, ACCET and many other certifications.

We prefers Guaranteed Placement in a timely manner with Airport pickup, Health Insurance and Home stay if required.

Language admission are possible from any countries within 2 days.

Why Feduworld ?

  • Languages Schools partner all over the world
  • Language admissions are free*
  • Maximum Schools located in city center
  • Mixed Nationality
  • Exchange of Culture
  • Courses for juniors, Adults, Groups, Special Course and families courses
*only application fee of school must paid.